Learn how to develop an effective sitting mindfulness meditation practice as a beginner or improve upon your current practice. You will:

  • Learn ten effective tips for cultivating better concentration

  • Practice traditional mindfulness techniques for taming your mind such as, single-pointed focus, open awareness and the practice of noting thoughts.

  • Learn how to identify if you are having a fight, flight or freeze response and use valuable approaches for soothing your fight or flight responses so you can feel relaxed.

  • Practice self-validation and self-compassion so you can better accept and heal through pain. loss and shame.

Participate in six 90-minute online classes over Zoom. If you miss a class you will have access to the recording. No prior meditation experience is necessary for this class. At entry please be prepared to meditate for 15 minutes, three days per week. This is a three-month program and our next cohort begins next month. We will meet on Saturday mornings or Tuesday evenings, depending on what works best for the majority of the students.


You will be charged $49 once a month for three months. Your subscription includes six 90-minute online classes and one 1-day online mindfulness retreat.

Peace & Healing: Mindfulness Meditaiton Classes Only

Price Options
Mindfulness Classes
$49.00monthly/ 3 months