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Mindfulness coaching is different than psychotherapy, because it is more structured. We use tools which consist of thought provoking questions and self-reflective processes. You will also be given an exercise to practice at least once per day. My clients who commit to these five-minute mindfulness exercises see results quickly. These exercises address calming your nervous system, deescalating overthinking and anxiety episodes; as well as, improving self-worth, feelings of insecurity, self-doubt and self-blame.

When you find a coach you resonate with, you will finally begin to see measurable results. Please read my Google Reviews.
You are intelligent and resourceful, yet your anxiety, grief, or feelings of overwhelm might be making it difficult for you to fully embrace the joy your life has to offer. I specialize in healing trauma and anxiety, relieving daily stress (work, parenting, racial etc), and transforming relationship struggles with your partner or family members.
I work with both individuals and couples. Emotional healing and reducing stress is key to improving your relationships and heightening your feelings of peace and fulfillment.

I am the author of four books on the subject of mindfulness and I have been teaching workshops for twenty years, helping people like you. I am also the host of the podcast The Aware Mind.
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I work with both individuals and couples. I generally meet with clients on Zoom.

I have been teaching meditation since 2001 and have written four books on the topic of mindfulness. I am also the host of the podcast The Aware Mind. I have facilitated workshops to a global audience and been a catalyst for change for people who thought they could never find relief.I teach short exercises that allow you to maintain a mindfulness mindset throughout the day.

I also offer a six-week mindfulness video course and monthly online mindfulness classes. You can read more about my background on my About page.
Please take the Resilience Test below. This will help us identify quickly what is exacerbating your stress and what methods will work work best for you to reduce your anxiety. It's free.
Anxiety & Resiliency Test
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