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You are intelligent and resourceful, yet your anxiety makes it difficult for you to fully embrace the joy your life has to offer. Your stress is real and you have likely tried many approaches to overcome your anxiety. Despite your current challenges, you will feel confident, relaxed and happy again. You can have it all--relief, joy and freedom. 


You probably know about published research showing mindfulness reduces stress and creates lasting changes to our brain tissue. Are you ready to witness how mindfulness can reduce your stress and change your life?

I am the author of four books on the subject of mindfulness and I have been teaching workshops to clients and therapists for twenty years, helping them improve their mindfulness skills.

Let me help. I will give you a concise and comprehensive education about stress and provide you with accountability. Not only will I give you a professional assessment to pinpoint exactly how your stress develops, I will be your personal motivator,.

Have you already tried mindfulness with little success? The particular technique you are practicing might not address your specific stress type.

Did you know you can reduce your stress permanently? I will teach you tools for reducing the three most common types of stress. You will finally see big changes in your mental state, mood, energy and outlook.

You can reduce your stress naturally. When you find a mindfulness teacher you resonate with, you will start to see measurable results.

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Personal Stress Reduction Coaching will equip you to handle anything that comes your way. I will teach you how to break your anxiety cycles. Don't let your stress get in the way of you owning your authenticity. Your uniqueness is what brings you joy and betters everyone around you.

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I have been teaching meditation since 2001 and have written four books on the topic of mindfulness. I have facilitated workshops to a global audience and been a catalyst for change for people who thought they could never meditate. I am the reason my clients finally establish and maintain a phenomenal mindfulness practice. I have had wonderful success with both adults and children. And I have been integral in helping people who struggle with attention issues (ADHD).

You can read more about my background on my Bio and Books page.

If you are ready to begin your stress reduction coaching program, check out my Get Started page. Or you might prefer to email or text me right now.

Please take the Resilience Test below. This will help us identify quickly which type of stresses are the most difficult for you to process and release. It's free.

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