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I've been helping people reduce stress since 2001. I am the founder of TSD Mindfulness, a virtual meditation center. TSD Mindfulness offers training and certification programs to therapists and life coaches for incorporating mindfulness into their approaches. I have been facilitating meditation workshops to a global audience for 20 years, certifying therapists, teachers, and healthcare workers to teach meditation and mindfulness. Candidates learn assessment, analysis, and facilitating over 60 tools created for client sessions.
I host a podcast called The Aware Mind. My co-host and I explore mindfulness teachings, strategies and science.

I have been formally trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (CPI), Vipassana Buddhist practice, Hawaiian Huna practice, hypnotherapy, guided imagery, and past-life regression. I have taught in the public school system, as well as, worked in psychiatric treatment.

Currently I coach and train lay people and professionals, with special focus working with therapists and life coaches.



Enjoy this 140-page eBook filled with detailed explanations of each of the 55 TSD Mindfulness teachings. Learn how the temperamental body operates to influence your behavior and manage your anxiety. Empower yourself with ultra-mindfulness of your mental, emotional and spiritual systems to reduce your stress. Help your therapy clients navigate their own emotions, behaviors and heart wisdom.

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The TSD Resilience Inventory helps you assess your clients’ areas of resilience. With this data, you can identify which mindfulness exercises, coping skills, and affirmations will most effectively build your client’s resilience and decrease their anxiety quickly. TSD Mindfulness shows us how to trace each instance of anxiety back to one or more specific areas of resilience. Once traced, anxiety is immediately reduced by building resilience in the area where the stress originated. Each area of resilience aligns with a different psycho/emotional/physical system.


Considered the bible for teaching meditation to children, this book provides a step-by-step roadmap for introducing, inspiring, and supporting children to meditate. Rich with philosophy, supporting science and practical examples, this book clearly explains the benefits of meditation for today's young generation. Included are 14 meditations and a variety of fun-filled exercises to help you get started right away.


Sarah Vallely's compelling memoir of self-discovery. The story begins with a childhood spent in Hindu ashrams, Christian communes, and Greyhound buses that crisscross the United States, then moves through a college experience that culminates in a drunken plunge from a dormitory window ledge. Attention deficit disorder is at the heart of the memoir, and the book raises important questions about the effects of untreated ADHD. It shows the ways meditation and prayer change this disorder's physiological causes while investigating whether having ADHD makes it difficult to meditate and pray.

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