A New Take on Couple's Counseling

Create a stronger connection with your partner and support who you are as an individual. I help couples overcome relationship challenges most people believe are too severe to work through. I help my clients understand their emotional process, embrace what they truly need in a relationship, improve communication with their partner and use tools to navigate challenges. I specialize in working with couples involving someone who has had past trauma.

Mindful Relationship Coaching works because we are not only addressing your relationship we are also tending to what you need as an individual.

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Sarah is a very genuine, caring and authentic person. I felt very comfortable and it was easy to trust her in the process. Highly recommended! Damon

Sarah is a very compassionate and knowledgeable coach, Sarah's experience of guiding a person is superb. Every time we meet, I find new discoveries and new insights.

Frequently Asked Questions About Relationship Coaching

Do we work with you online or in person?
Most of my clients meet with me over Zoom.

Do I participate in sessions with my partner or by myself?
You will participate in both individual and couple sessions. Both you and your partner will meet with me on your own for four sessions. After you have both completed four individual sessions, then the two of you will meet with me together.

What if I am already working with a therapist on my own?
It is quite fine if you are already in therapy. You are only required to meet with me individually four times. Our sessions will not conflict with your work in therapy. They are meant to lay the groundwork for what we will focus on in your couple sessions.

What does a typical individual sessions look like?
Sessions last an hour. In the beginning we will talk about the most difficult challenges you are facing that week. I will lead you through a tool that will help you unpack your difficulty and learn a new way to address it next time. I will also teach you at least one five-minute mindfulness exercises you can use to overcome your specific challenge. Possible exercises include being mindful of what is beneath anger, addressing self-doubt and "negative self talk" and methods for soothing your nervous system.

What does a typical couples session look like?
Sessions last an hour. I will begin by checking in with each of you to see what has come up for you and your partner that week. Then we will discuss how the two of you have dealt with your challenging moments and identify when your interaction became most challenged. Next, I will teach you some tools the both of you can use to better navigate the particular dynamic you are involved in.

How often do we meet with you?
Ideally we will meet once per week. However, if it is better for your schedule to meet every other week, we can do that instead.

How much do you charge?
I charge $75 per session. You can either pay for each session individually. Or you can pay for a package of 12 sessions.

Your next step is to set up a 20-minute phone call or Zoom consultation with Sarah.
Only one member of the couple needs to be present.