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Overcoming Generalized Anxiety Disorder with Mindfulness Mindset and Practice: A True Story

In this episode, Sarah and her guest, Heather Liv Melver, discuss the ways mindfulness can reduce, and sometimes even eliminate, experiences of anxiety. Heather shares her personal story of how she learned to accept the realness of what she was feeling in the present moment and trust that life will unfold in a way she can feel good about. Heather was formally diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and also had many of the markers of PTSD, due to exposure to bombings and shootings overseas and in the US.

Through private mindfulness coaching with Sarah Vallely, Heather was able to work through her anxiety about parenting, transitions and changing careers. She has since ended her full-time job and is branching out on her own as a full-time life coach.

Listen and hear how Heather has found calmness, peace and healing with the help of her new mindfulness practice. Heather's website:

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