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The Importance of an Acceptance Practice

An acceptance practice is helpful for anybody who has a challenge. Some of the realities that we might be struggling with might be a breakup, a divorce, or our plans not working out. Mental health challenges, such as depression or anxiety. Additionally, our emotions can be a reality that we struggle with, such as anger, grief. Also, being unhappy in our job or being unhappy in our relationship. Getting older can be one of these realities that we struggle with. Anything that has to do with our bodies can bring up a lot of challenges, including injury and the way we feel about our weight.

Acceptance practice, mindfulness for beginners, acceptance for grief

Addiction is another reality we might be struggling with. Issues that have to do with our bodies, our careers, or relationships are big ones. They can bring up a lot for us. I invite you to consider one of these realities and ask yourself, are you in denial of this reality? Are you struggling to accept the reality? Or have you accepted the reality? We usually fall into one of those three categories.

A mindfulness definition of acceptance is letting go of the struggle with reality. Acceptance doesn't mean we're going be stuck in that situation. Acceptance isn't giving up. Acceptance doesn't mean defeat. It doesn't mean that we're not taking action. And I really love what John Kabat Zinn says about acceptance. He says that when we accept something, we are not agreeing with it. Or saying what happened is okay. Instead, we are simply accepting that it happened.

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