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The Secrets to Motivation You Need to Accomplish Your Goals in 2024

Updated: Feb 18

The top five lifestyle changes you can make to better your health determined by research are: Exercising regularly, healthy eating, reducing caffeine intake, getting sufficient sleep, and managing stress.


What are you motivating yourself to do in 2024? And how do you see that working out for you? The opposite to motivation is procrastination.  I've read recently in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine procrastination can cause headaches. digestive issues, colds, insomnia, hypertension and is linked to cardiovascular disease. Another interesting fact about procrastination is, in a twin study, it was found that it is 46 percent hereditary.


mindfulness for motivation

The information out there about overcoming procrastination is geared towards decreasing the difficulty of the task. Try  breaking the task down into smaller steps. Additionally, the 10-minute Commitment and the Two-minute Launch are procrastination hacks you can try.  The 10-minute Commitment means you commit to working on the task for only 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes, you are free to walk away. For the 10-minute commitment you might find yourself swept up and you don't want to stop.

The Two-minute Launch is similar. You commit to doing the task for two minutes. But then after the two minutes you have to walk away. For the Two-minute launch, you do the task for two minutes a day for a period of time, (a week, two weeks, maybe a month), and you force yourself to stop after the two minutes. You end up craving to do more.


In this podcast episode I ask my guest, “Do you need to feel motivated to increase your motivation?” And he said, “How often do you just suddenly get struck with a wild burst of motivation out of nowhere? The feeling of motivation often comes second. A lot of the trick is just finding ways to do the thing and then waiting for the motivation to come later.”


Listen to this episode on any podcast app. “The Aware Mind” And learn tips for overcoming procrastination and improving motivation.

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