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True Stories of Healing Perfectionism with TSD Mindfulness Five-Minute Exercises

In this episode, Sarah and her guests, Ali Sweeney and Marzia Bosi, discuss the ways mindfulness can break down perfectionism into its various parts so you can better manage stress caused by perfectionism. Perfectionism can result in physical symptoms, relationship stress, anxiety and depression.

Perfectionism can develop as a result of past trauma, cultural norms, or family norms. If we have had past trauma we either find a coping mechanism that helps us avoid further abuse. When this happens we carry this coping mechanism through the rest of our lives. Getting everything right and getting everything perfect is a typical coping mechanism that children learn to use to avoid further difficulty. But when we continue to use that coping mechanism when we are older it leads to anxiety, overwhelm, and burn out.

Healing Perfectionism with Mindfulness

TSD Mindfulness provides tools for healing through perfectionism, including naming your thinking, identifying your patterns of overextension, acknowledging your shame cycles, validating your experience, and giving yourself compassion. Listen and learn where perfectionism comes from and how five minutes a day can help break the cycle.

The Aware Mind episode 43, released 2/25/23 can be found on any podcast app including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Podcast Addict.

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