I partner with therapists and life coaches in a variety of ways.


  • I help you gain more mindfulness education so you can teach your clients how to better navigate their stress. I hold live online classes bi-monthly. Learn more about my mindfulness certification program for therapists and life coaches.

  • I provide therapists my Resilience Inventory at no cost. This assessment tool helps you quickly determine how your clients manifest their stress and which mindfulness protocols best match their symptoms. 

  • I have an eBook, Tame Soothe Dwell, about mindfulness and stress reduction that gives precise explanations of stress types and formation, as well as, specific mindfulness exercises, coping skills and affirmations that address different stress types. 

  • I hold Zoom sessions for you and two other members of your professional community, at no charge, to explain my practice and explore how we can work together to support your clients. Email to schedule a meeting.

  • I make my personal stress reduction coaching sessions available to your clients and pay you a referral fee. My coaching sessions are not a replacement for therapy, but instead are used in tandem with therapy and life coaching as a specialized stress reduction program.

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I work with clients who struggle with worry, over scheduling, panic, overthinking, repetitive thought cycles, overwhelm, fear, isolation, or nervousness. I help clients alleviate anxiety by raising resilience. I teach clients how to trace each instance of anxiety back to one or more specific areas of resilience. Once traced, anxiety is immediately reduced by building resilience in the area where the stress originated.


I use a Resilience Inventory I developed. This provides excellent data to identify a client's areas of strong and weaker resilience. With this data, I can identify which mindfulness exercises, coping skills, and affirmations will most effectively build a client's resilience and decrease their anxiety quickly. Would you like to use my inventory with your clients? I provide my Resilience Inventory, coupled with assessment and analysis tools, for free. Download your copy today.

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I am a 20-year veteran of mindfulness teaching and author of four books. In my most recent book, Tame Soothe Dwell,  I break down our mental, emotional, instinctual and spiritual processes associated with stress. Tame, Soothe, Dwell provides the tools to support our clients to build resilience in three areas. I am also the founder of a virtual meditation center. I invite you to read my Bio for more information about my background.


I'd like to partner with you. In fact, I may need to refer clients to you, as well, since my stress management coaching is not a replacement for therapy or life coaching. I can't wait to hear more about the work you do. I'd love to lead a zoom session with you and two other people from your professional community. I will walk you through the unique approaches of TSD Mindfulness and how I use psycho-spiritual education, assessment /analysis and precise protocols to help my clients relieve their stress, often permanently.

Are you interested in participating in one of my bi-monthly mindfulness classes? I hold them live online at 6:30 pm New York time/3:30 pm Los Angeles time on Tuesdays. Email to register for the next class. I offer these classes at no charge to therapists and life coaches as a way for you to get to know me and the work I do.

Through my virtual meditation center, I offer a mindfulness certification program for therapists, life coaches and yoga instructors. Feel free to check out my meditation center TSD Mindfulness.

I would be thrilled to spend some time with you and two other members of your professional community during a Zoom session. I can walk you thought the Resilience Inventory tool and explain what makes TSD Mindfulness different than most other mindfulness approaches.

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